Livingston Rises Fund
Disaster Relief Fund Guidelines and Application

When was the fund created?

The Livingston Rises Fund was formed by the community leaders of Livingston Parish and Waste Management, LLC in response to the devastating flooding that occurred in Livingston Parish in August 2016. The fund was established to assist flood victims with support and recovery. Excess funds and continued donations will be available to provide Livingston Parish residents aid in times of future need.

What is the purpose of the fund? 

How does it help victims of disaster/flooding?
The assistance provided by Livingston Rises seeks to relieve or cushion the financial
hardships caused by the disaster. It is important to note that the finding of
financial distress does not require the individual(s) to be in a state of poverty or
destitution. However, the intent of the relief program is to assist those facing
severe financial hardship. Therefore, those determined to have the greatest need
will be given a higher priority in the process.

What type of assistance will be given?

Relief funds shall be disbursed in the form of cash grants, with a maximum grant of $2,000, to eligible beneficiaries.
Funds are intended to meet immediate needs for clothing, shelter, transportation, home cleanup, repair, or remediation.
Assistance will be granted in cases where the beneficiary has exhausted all of their monetary assets to pay for the above listed items (home repair, shelter, or transportation) that would result in loss of essential shelter or transportation.
The Fund’s ability to provide grants may be limited by a lack of available funds.
Only one application per household is permitted.

 ****Only one application per household is permitted.****

What criteria must be met in order to apply for a grant?

Grants may be awarded for the purpose of providing cash for temporary emergency expenses for Livingston Parish residents who suffer financial hardship in cases of natural or man-made disasters including floods and hurricanes, as determined by the Livingston Rises Advisory Board.

What are the eligibility requirements?

The applicant must have been a resident of Livingston Parish at the time the disaster occurred.
Eligibility criteria will provide a fair and equitable distribution of funds to victims of disasters. Priority will go to those who need help most.
Applications for assistance from people who are the victims of disasters will be
assessed in a fair, equitable, and timely manner and each case will be assessed
on its merits so any special needs can be considered.
The recipient’s eligibility is based solely on need as determined by the Livingston Advisory Board and/or a committee designated by the Livingston Rises
A recipient is only eligible for assistance if he or she meets one or more of the
following conditions:
     is displaced from his/her home
     has suffered a loss to his/her home
     has suffered a financial hardship because of the disaster.

What is the application process for a grant?

A Livingston Rises Grant application form is available on Livingston Parish websites including:
     Livingston Parish Government -
     Livingston Parish School Board -
     Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office -
All applications for relief must be submitted in writing using the Livingston Rises
Grant Application Form.
All applications for disaster relief grants should be sent to:

Livingston Rises
PO Box 1515
Livingston, LA 70754

Applications may also be emailed to

Who should I contact if I have questions?

You may email for questions regarding the Livingston Rises Disaster Relief Fund or the application process.

Please click the link below to download the application



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