Organizational Chart

Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office Organizational Chart 

Sheriff Jason Ard
  • Chief Criminal Deputy Col. Ronald J. Morse
  • Chief Financial Officer Jamie Felder
  • Chief of Criminal Operations Lt. Col. Brian P. Smith
    • Training Division Capt. Hayden Brown
    • Courtroom Security Sgt. Mike Hayden
  • Chief of Uniform Operations Maj. Alden Thomasson
    • Special Operations Capt. Chad McGovern
    • Uniform Patrol Capt. Mike Erwin
    • Communications Capt. Jack Varnado
  • Chief of Investigations Maj. Stan Carpenter
    • Detective Division/Warrants Capt. Ben Bourgeois
      • Criminal Lt. Ben Ballard
      • Detectives Sgt. Calvin Bowden
      • Narcotics Sgt. Denny Perkins
      • Burglary Sgt Ken McMorris
      • Juvenile Lt. Jennifer Duet
  • Corrections Warden Maj. Perry N. Rushing
    • Assist Warden Capt. Gary Coates



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