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Church Tactical Class

Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office is offering “Tactical Training” for church members/groups to meet the requirement persuant to RS 40:139.3(U).

As with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office “Concealed Carry” Classes, Sheriff Ard’s instructors are “POST” certified firearms instructors. The classes will be conducted at the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office Training Center in Walker, LA. As always, the environment will be professional, yet relaxed, with an emphasis on practicality and safety. You must have a current concealed carry weapons permit before registering for this class.

Course topics:
-Role Of Security
-Legal requirements/responsibilities
-Interaction with Law Enforcement
-Heightened Awareness
-Basic firearms and ballistics
-Scenerio based “simunition” training
-A representative from the Church/Organization must provide documentation confirming each student’s affiliation with said entity

The cost is $125.00 per student. Upon successful completion of the class, the student will receive a “Training Certificate”. A copy of the certificate will also be kept on file at the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Items Needed:
-Letter from Church/organization representative
-Louisiana I.D.
-Eye an ear protection
-All additional items such as other safety equipment and simunition will be supplied by the LPSO

If you are interested in attending you can purchase tickets online by clicking the link below.

For questions please contact Stacy Dufour at 225-435-1560, or by email at
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