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Lt. Col. Lance landry

Major Travis Harris

Captain Reece Holden

Detention center

mailing an inmate

Livingston Parish Detention Center has updated their system for sending mail to inmates.
All inmate mail will be sent to a central processing facility, not the
Detention Center where an inmate is housed. At this electronic mail system
central facility, mail will be opened, scanned and emailed to the inmate at the
facility. The mail will be accessible by the electronic tablet system. 

Note: Bulk mailings are NOT permitted

inmate mail should be mailed to the following address utilizing existing jail
facility mail rules:
Livingston Parish Detention Center


2252 Tower Dr Suite 108-251

LA 71201


For transactions that require the
inmate to sign or otherwise enter information on an original in order to carry
out a transaction (i.e. endorsing a check, transferring a vehicle title, etc.)
the original document must be mailed as follows:


Inmate name/Number

P.O. Box 1000

Livingston, La 70754 



Legal mail must be mailed directly to the detention
facility and must be sent by a legally approved entity (Licensed Attorney of
Record.) All legal mail will be sent to

Inmate name/Number

P.O. Box 1000

Livingston, La 70754  

Livingston Parish Detention Center:

28445 Charlie Watts Road
Livingston, Louisiana 70754
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