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Major Ben ballard

Assistant warden of administration

Capt. Lance landry

livingston parish sheriff

assistant warden of operations

Capt. thomas Martin

Detention center

mailing an inmate

Inmate’s Full Name
P.0. Box 1000
Livingston, LA 70754

Inmates may receive the following in the mail:

1.) Letters which will be photocopied and hand delivered or electronically scanned to inmate tablets

2.) Legal correspondence

3.) Photographs (up to 5 only) that do not depict nudity or sexual activity. Photographs will be photocopied and hand delivered or electronically scanned and delivered to the inmate

Effective December 1st, 2017 greeting cards, holiday cards, birthday cards, or generally any illustrated card that contains a piece of paper or thin cardboard or combination thereof and having any variety of shapes and formats and bearing a greeting or message of sentiment will not be acceptable mail for an inmate to receive. The unauthorized publication will be returned to the sender. The Detention Center has located illegal contraband, such as controlled dangerous substances, within the cards and the newly revised policy will protect the inmates as well as employees during the mail inspection procedure. Any items received that are not approved for inmate possession will be returned to the sender at the inmate’s expense, or destroyed. Inmates are not allowed to receive cash money, money orders, or any financial instrument through the mail.

Outgoing mail may be inspected by the staff if there are identifiable security concerns regarding its content(s).

Incoming mail will be photocopied and delivered or electronically scanned and sent to the inmate tablets by the staff.

Livingston Parish Detention Center:

28445 Charlie Watts Road
Livingston, Louisiana 70754
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