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What is the Livingston Youth Law Enforcement Program?

The Livingston Youth Law Enforcement Program is designed to educate and involve youth within the Parish, in the concepts of police operations which may interest them in pursuing possible law enforcement careers.  Through involvement, the Youth Program establishes an awareness of the continued training needed because of the ever-changing complexities of police operations. Youth will be led by LPSO Youth Advisors and held to a standard that’s expected of being associated with this office.

The Livingston Youth Law Enforcement Program will further the participants’ education by providing a basic knowledge of the field of law enforcement.  Members must receive instruction in all phases of law enforcement, including criminal law, criminal investigations, crime prevention, traffic control and direction, accident investigations, juvenile delinquency, and other related fields which are an integral part of law enforcement.


What are the goals of the program?

The Livingston Youth Law Enforcement Program has three main goals and objectives.

They are:

  • To enhance the participants overall education and life skills.
  • To encourage the mindset of service within Livingston Parish, by participating in rewarding and productive activities scheduled to enhance relations within the community.
  • To help prepare youth participants for future roles as positive citizens and community members; through leadership, character development, and upholding LPSO standards for potential law enforcement opportunities.


Note* Participants are not obligated to apply to be a Sheriff’s deputy if they participate in this program.


What are the qualifications to participate?

  • Membership in the Youth Law Enforcement Program is open to young adults, male or female, ages 14 (must have completed 8th grade) through 20.
  • Must have parental approval which includes signatures by the Youth participant and his/her parents or guardians (including a general liability release form.)
  • Must not have a (Felony conviction) or certain misdemeanor crimes in the participants criminal history.
  • Be enrolled in, and attending, a regular course of instruction at a school within Livingston parish, if not yet graduated.
  • He/She must maintain passing grades while in school (Min 2.0 GPA)
  • Be of good physical and mental health (physical health exam is required.)
  • Be of good moral habits, disciplined, have a positive attitude, and be willing to learn.
  • Commit at least eight hours of service per month (meet twice a week).

Note* While enrolled in a school within Livingston Parish, a participant’s GPA should not fall below a 2.0.  He/She is expected to enhance his/her academic achievement because of the standards being taught.


Are there fees associated with being part of this program?

No.  But participants are required to purchase police styled boots (black) for wear when training.  The Sheriff’s office will provide all other uniforms and equipment related to operations and training.


Who will be training us and does this training go towards any high school credits?

While LPSO personnel will play a key role in a youth’s development, other law enforcement agencies and approved organizations can also become involved in the Youth program. No, high school credit isn’t related to this training because there is an established curriculum within the Livingston Parish school system that students can enroll.  Participants that are enrolled in the Criminal Justice curriculum within the school system can still participate in the Livingston Youth Law Enforcement Program.


Are there field trips?

Yes. We will take various field trips to organizations such as the LA. State Crime Lab, in/out of state law enforcement agencies, competition sites, etc.


Are there any minimum physical requirements in order to participate?

Yes. Youth Participants should be at a level of health and fitness that will allow them to perform their duties effectively.  Youth Law Enforcement participants are required to provide a physical examination that’s been given to them by their primary care provider or licensed physician before they can participate in physical training activities.


Does the youth program compete in any law enforcement events?

Not at this moment, but we will build our program towards competing against youth law enforcement programs, both in and out of state.


Further Questions?

Contact the below deputies at:

Andre’ Sylvester

Lexi Brown

Rodrick Candley

Jason Hunt

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